It’s the end of the first week of school for me and the kiddos and I think it’s safe to say that it’s been fairly successful all around. School is going surprisingly well. I don’t know what I expected, maybe that my age would wear like a scarlet letter, so plainly obvious for everyone to see? Apparently that’s not the case. Funny how self-absorbed we humans are isn’t it?

So I have my first project due next week – the dreaded *group* project. Apparently this will be one of many in this class. I actually have a pretty good group of kids to work with. They are EXTREMELY respectful to me. Like so respectful that it’s all “yes ma’am, no ma’am”, which is just so weird to me. They are at that stage having come straight from high school where they look to the teacher (adult) for guidance. In my case, they are just projecting that onto me – in the form of waiting for me to tell them where to go, delegate tasks, even texting me for clarification and reassurance.

In general, my time on campus has been pretty good. I realize I like the challenge that math brings, although I am still not confident in my abilities just yet. I no longer feel like the oldest person in class thanks to the woman who that is older than me sitting next to me! Her sitting beside me automatically makes me look SO much younger! Hurray for me!! I’ve also come to look forward to the 15 minutes I have to wait for math class to start. We have hallway entertainment. I don’t know that these two girls realize they are a source of entertainment but they are so loud and both are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Yesterday one of them was crying saying “do you think the teacher will notice that I didn’t finish the homework?” Her friend was reassuring, telling her to lie and say she was at the Financial Aid office. Um what?! That doesn’t even make sense! Then the other one started to tell a “really hilarious story” about how she was clubbing last weekend. She got her hand stamped so she could leave and come back and and when she returned they wouldn’t let her in. She couldn’t figure out why till she realized she kept showing them the wrong hand. Ya. Let’s just let that sink in…

I also started with some healthier eating habits this week thanks to the scientific studies from one Tim Ferriss. It’s worked out pretty good. I’ve lost 6.6lbs, can’t complain. I know the coming weeks won’t yield as big of results but we are on the path to living a more healthy lifestyle. Today is cheat day and lets just say I am hopped up on caffeine and sugar and hoping I’m not going to crash soon.

So that pretty much encompasses my first week of school. Interesting work and entertaining kids. I will say this, I feel like having a school schedule has made me more appreciative of my time at home and how I use it. Not only that, I don’t feel compelled to constantly be on the go during the weekend, which I think the husband appreciates.

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