I’m Doin’ Aight

THIS is what one of my classmates said to me earlier this week when I asked how he was doing. “I’m doin’ aight’. What. The. Freak. Is aight’?! I actually DO know what it is in terms of urban usage. But this is a suburban, scrawny little white kid and he’s “doin’ aight”. Seriously. Whatever. I think I am more offended that he is so casual with me now than when he referred to me as ma’am.

So I have this professor and I just can’t nail him down. He always refers to the syllabus but then goes all free and breezy. He will literally walk past my desk and say under his breath “your group will present Chapter XYZ next week?” I sit there thinking this is really more of a comment with a question mark thrown in. It’s like he’s passive-aggressively telling me in an asking tone whether we will do it. So does that mean that I can shake my head no but reply yes?? I am Canadian, I am a pro at passive-aggressiveness but seriously I am so over this dude! I get it, you’re completing your doctorate in Clinical Psychology – but could you please stop with the mind-f*cking?! You never know what he’s going to drop on us, because although he likes to refer to the god-almighty Syllabus, he also likes to go out of chronological order. It drives me mad. He tells me that I need to unwind a little, that he likes to have fun in his class. Unfortunately I have spent more than a decade being a slave to routine and so this “free and easy” fun thing he talks about does not come easily to me.

So unfortunately I did not obtain a perfect score for my second math exam. 92.31% – that was the score. Two questions incorrect. I was able to go over the exam and review my incorrect questions and the sad thing is that I had the correct answers but I went a step further and plugged them back into the equations when it wasn’t necessary. Oh well. But I was really surprised to hear my professor say that the average on the exam was about 70%. Really?! I mean, I will give myself credit and say I worked my butt off studying but seriously, 75%?! The kid who sits across from me got the highest mark. He got a Halloween pencil for his “surprise”. Not men’s chapstick, which would’ve been fitting being that he’s a MAN and all! I was totally going to ambush him after class and ask him what his score was but I had this image of Rachel Berry from (Glee – nerdy goodie-two-shoes) and thought better of it.

I attended an interesting lecture today by a man that was the Chief of Staff for Secretary General Colin Powell. Very thought-provoking and scary at the same time. To sum it up: it would appear the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and there are not enough good humans, trusty humans, humans that will stand up to power to help it. Basically if you watch the show Scandal, it’s like that. I always wondered where Shonda got her material…

So the weekend is upon us now and I am about to start my homework – writing a paper on possible barriers to my success in college. Hmmm… I can think of half a dozen off the top of my head but I’ll just concentrate on my top two or three for now and see where to go from there. Off to work!

Two 100’s and a Taylor Swift concert

Boy, it’s been a while. It is utterly amazing to me how quickly time passes in general when you get older, but that time flies by at warp speed when you’re occupied with something other than yourself and your family. Wowza!

Like the title suggests, I have had two 100% marks, oh, actually make that three – I literally just got an email from my prof updating my grades for a class. But really, a 100% just because I emailed you the report generated from a personality assessment I took? I mean honestly, aren’t you just giving away the marks now? I’ll take it. I don’t care. One HUNDRED percent on our group presentation – yay us! Amazing. Clearly these kids thrive under pressure. They literally leave everything until the 11th hour. Sometimes the 5th hour. I stop checking when it’s that close.

Marks were given out for our first math exam. I guess I don’t give myself enough credit. I basically assumed that if I got 100% on it, then there would be no reason for anyone else not to get 100%. I was wrong. My prof said that two people didn’t even bother to take the exam. Really?! What are you in college for if you’re not even going to take the exam, the very first one of the year. Come on!! There were lots of A’s, B’s and C’s and “one perfect score” – at which point she looked and me and announced my name. Really?! Again, really?! All eyes on me, me just staring at the front. The prize, the coveted prize the prof spoke of, the one that was supposed to motivate us to do well, you know, the Starbuck’s gift card, the Chick-Fil-A gift card, heck, even candy.. it turned out to be chapstick. MEN’S chapstick!! WTF?! So……. I dunno.. did the prof find a good deal on random men’s chapstick and decided that this would be an appropriate prize for achieving perfection on her exam? Or maybe she figured that historically women don’t do as well as men in math and so she would be prepared??? I give up. But seriously. Like I’m taking chapstick from a college professor, male or female – it could be laced with rohipnol and then the next thing you know I’m in some weird math video or something. Ya, it could happen.

Last Wednesday we were given yet another group project, due tomorrow actually. Apparently my “you know, I really don’t like your class. It’s not you, but I just hate relying on punk-ass teenagers to get a good mark on projects. So I hope you take that into consideration when marking and also assigning group projects at all” speech had no impact on my prof. He laughs, he says I need to learn to relinquish control. Right. Okay. I relinquish control, the next thing you know my family is eating bologna sandwiches with mac-n-cheese. Barf. Control is my middle name. If things aren’t just “so”, my mind is just “f*cked”. Yes. That’s how it works.

So this happened last week:


Yep – that’s Tay-Tay. My daughter’s birthday present, tickets that we had purchased last October for Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour. We had been waiting and waiting for that day to come. It did, lots of traffic, helicopters overhead – which I found out later was because prior to the show starting, Taylor was in her dressing room and the fire alarm in the stadium was going off telling people to proceed to the nearest exit. Had to find that out from The Daily Mail UK. Good thing they have all my gossip covered. Even when it’s in my own city. Anyways, 45,000 of us Swifties made our way to the stadium. The line for security was horrendous, so much so that we opted not to purchase our Taylor gear outside but rather wait until we were inside. MISTAKE! After visiting each merch stand on the ground floor, we opted for the line where we could actually see the end. 90+ minutes later, missing both opening acts – some kid named Shaun Mendes and Vance Joy – we were rewarded with actually getting to go to our seats and sit. Ten minutes later Taylor came on and we were up dancing and screaming for the next 2 1/2hrs. Sadly we did not make it into Loft 89. I did not hear anything about any folks at this stop on her tour getting the magical invitation from Taylor’s mother. So that makes me feel slightly better that we didn’t dress up as salt and pepper shakers (Shake it Off) or cheerleaders or even have a “Starbucks Lovers” shirt. God I love that shirt! Anyways, that girl puts on an awesome show. We’ve seen her before, about 4 or 5 years ago and she was great then too. I don’t doubt we will see her again one day in the future. She’s worth every penny. But not more, because that’s just crazy 😉

All in all a very busy couple of weeks. Time flies. I hope we hit a point where we can slow down a bit but I guess that’s what the weekends are for right? I will say this: since being in school, I find that we are spending more time at home on the weekends and we’re crazy productive! My husband and I have honed our mad organization skills, although I believe at some point I did say I was going to go homicidal because of my trash drawer (yes I have a drawer for our trash and it’s freaking awesome. Best $82 I’ve ever spent when upgrading features in a home), my trash drawer tends to get overfilled and certain little people, well, not little, but younger people just add to it and close the drawer. Not cool. Not cool at all. Wanna see me go a lil’ bit psycho? Have garbage fall out at the back of the trash drawer. That’ll do it. Sometimes it’s instances like these that make me sympathize with my mother when I was a teenager. Sometimes.