Wow – so much time has passed since I last blogged. I realize that I need to start doing it more regularly, if anything to keep a digital account of my time on campus and life in general.

I turned the big 4-0 today! I feel like I should be really excited about it. I feel like I should go do something wild and crazy because that’s what you do when you turn 40 right? I don’t know why I feel like this is a significant birthday. Maybe it’s because I feel like my life has taken on more meaning now that I have a goal that I am working towards? 30 was no big deal, why 40? I guess maybe because you know SO much more when you’re 40. Or at least that’s what I am told. I feel like I have better coping skills. I know more, but I know how to react better, for the most part. Now that I am five weeks away from the end of my first semester of school I know what to expect from these kids I attend college with. I know what my reaction should be. Typically it will be one of resignation that I am stuck with them until the end of the year, but more often I am no longer surprised by them because I have realized that a 19yr old’s priorities and my priorities do NOT align. In fact, when a couple of them found out it was my birthday this week they asked if I would even be at school, because apparently, they would not. Right. But I did try to get out of writing an extra-credit paper by saying I didn’t think I should have to do such work when I was having a milestone birthday, unfortunately my teacher said he wished he was turning 40 again. Then we both felt like crap when one of my classmates flounced in and announced it was her birthday, her 19th!! Oh how awesome for you!

So I wrote said paper. It was a self-debate on pretty much any topic we wanted. I realize now that I should’ve picked a topic that was banal and I likely wouldn’t have had a problem. Instead I chose a topic that actually interested me: the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Yep. I should’ve chosen cats vs dogs, Ellen vs Oprah even cake vs icing. The problem is, when you have such a strong opinion on one side of a debate, it’s really hard to counter your argument. Like REALLY hard. So after handing my paper in, Mr. Prof proceeded to tell us that we would be reading them out later in class. Great. Actually, he looked at me and it was a knee-jerk reaction that caused me to both roll my eyes AND mutter “jesus christ” under my breath. I guess it wasn’t that soft of a mutter because Mr. Prof looked right at me with his smug grin and scuttled back to his desk. I really did not want my paper read aloud. All I could think was that if I have to read my paper, my Chick-Fil-A-employed table buddy was likely going to crap his virgin little pants. I honestly think I was saved by controversy. I wrote about why the government should not defund Planned Parenthood. And he chose a girl’s paper that agreed with concealed handguns being permitted on campus. Am I surprised? Nope, not considering where I live. Anyhoo…

89%. This is the score I achieved on my latest math exam. That was my first score, my second score was the exact..same..thing!! On my birthday. I figured I would go in and make that test my b*tch! The first time I scored in the high 80s for a math exam, in my mind I pictured myself running out of the testing lab, flailing my arms all around and crying. Then I got over it but not after many texts from friends reminding me that a high 80 is totally acceptable and to control my sh*t already, lol. But you know, when you are paying for your own classes and you have a goal in mind, one that you have solidified, you want to make sure to do everything you can to facilitate that you know? So I will take my 89% today and be happy with it. It only lowered my average to a 94.3% so that’s okay. My teacher told me today that myself and my new buddy (yay I have a college friend!!!) are the best students in the class. We are also of the “over 40” persuasion so that’s probably why, hee hee. Being old has it’s perks.

I can hardly wait to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. You see, Saturday is my cheat day. The day that starts with a Starbucks, slides into some racing heartbeats (thanks to the caffeine that I don’t drink anymore) and usually ends with stomach cramping. Oh the joys of being so good all week, only to end it with stomach cramping and a lot of time spent in my bathroom. Anyways, my husband “has everything planned”. I don’t know what that means exactly. He knows I freak when we spend money, so I don’t think he’d want to cause that. I asked my daughter if she knew what was going on, she looked down, said “nope” and walked away quickly. So clearly hub has entrusted information to Loose Lips. I am not going to ask her because she’s one question away from spilling the beans, so I shall wait and see what’s in store.

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